How To Safely Take Out a Water Polo Cage

Water polo cages are vital to any practice, scrimmage, or game. Unlike a basketball net in a court or a soccer goal on a field, water polo cages are removable. Each and every water polo practice, a few “lucky” players get the privilege of putting in and taking out the cages.

Watch this slide show to learn how to safely take out a water polo cage.

Duke City Aquatics water polo players Quinton J. and Reed S. allowed me to take pictures of them as they removed a water polo cage at the end of one of their practices. Some extra tips for safely removing a water polo cage include:

  • Bending at the knees so that as you pick up the cage, you are lifting with your knees, not your back
  • Making sure to have a strong grip on the water polo cage
  • Taking care to watch where you step because pool decks (particularly concrete ones, like in this slide show) are very slippery when they get wet

Duke City Aquatics coach Janet Lyon-Huffman usually tries to make sure her stronger, larger players are the ones who lift out the cages. Since no one really wants the job of removing the cages at the end of practice, she often assigns the job to specific people. Sometimes the losing team after an end-of-practice scrimmage is assigned the job of removing the cages and storing them in their proper place.

Putting in and taking out the cages is a complicated process. Cages are large, unwieldy, awkward and heavy. If not executed with care, attention to detail and good communication, someone could get hurt. In fact, recently, a Duke City Aquatics swimmer and water polo player was taking out a water polo cage, and his grip slipped. One of the metal edges hit his foot, slicing it open. He ended up needing four stitches.

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