Equipment Review: Mikasa Water Polo Ball

Mikasa is a common brand of water polo ball for players at all levels of skill and competition. Mikasa offers a wide variety of sizes and kinds of water polo balls.



Mikasa water polo balls come in three main sizes: youth, women’s and men’s. Youth water polo balls are specifically designed for players who are ages eight and under. Because their target demographic is smaller in relation to the number of users of men’s and women’s water polo balls, youth water polo balls tend to be less common. Mikasa gives their water polo balls numerical sizes as well, and youth water polo balls are considered a size one.

Women’s and Men’s water polo balls are much closer in size, though there is still a noticeable difference between the two. Mikasa gives their women’s water polo balls a size four, and lists their men’s water polo balls as a size five.

Ideally, a player who is holding the correct ball size ought to be able to hold the ball in one hand and maintain complete control, no matter whether his or her hand is up, down, on a specific side, he or she is pump-faking or engaged in using any other water polo skill.

Mikasa water polo balls are popular for several reasons:

  • Firstly, Mikasa provides numerous sizes.
  • Additionally, they offer a variety of patterns beyond the standard yellow or yellow and blue.
  • Mikasa water polo balls, like many different water polo balls, are textured. This helps players maintain a strong grip, even in a slippery substance like water. The texture on Mikasa water polo balls, however, seems to last the longest. It is also arguably the best texture for maintaining the necessary grip on the ball.

Personally, I always struggled to keep ahold of the water polo ball. The reason behind this was a combination of my hands being small and that I was never a particularly skilled water polo player. However, I found that I generally had a much better time holding on to a Mikasa water polo ball, than other water polo ball brands.

Personal experience, player testimonies and the fact that players at all levels of the game use Mikasa water polo balls all attest to the usefulness and effectiveness of Mikasa water polo balls, which I give five stars.

The photo was downloaded from Flickr, and was originally taken and posted by user dr. mafisto.

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