Results of the NFL Draft Liveblog

The CJ 279 sports writers used CoverItLive to live blog the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft picks. We all logged into the blog around 6 in the evening, or a little bit later. I logged in at about 6:20.

Unfortunately, we experienced some technical difficulties early on in the live blog. The creator of the live blog, Steph, was not able to see my comments at first.  We struggled to find a way to communicate about the technical issues. Finally we started using Twitter to communicate. After at least 20 minutes, Steph figured out the problem, and we were able to live blog! We actually got the blog to work during the 9th pick.

I am not able to watch ESPN on my television at home. I started out by listening to 101.7 The Team. Unfortunately, they ended their coverage early. I switched to, as they were live streaming. I tried to watch the live stream, but it did not work, so I ended up listening to their stream, instead of watching it.

Since I do not know much about the NFL Draft, or the Draft picks this year, I had looked up the top picks earlier. I found during the first round though, that list did not help me much, because I still knew nothing about the picks. Steph helped me out by explaining things I did not understand.

I was also connected to Twitter during the time of the live blog. By following the hashtag #NFLdraft, I was able to see others’ opinions about the picks. Steph was able to explain to me why, often, people were so unhappy with the draft pick their team chose, or that their favorite pick was chosen by another team.

A new fact I learned through the 2011 NFL Draft live blog was that the team with the lowest number of scored points and wins for the previous season, picks the first draft. Then, the NFL teams continue in this backward order until the winner of the previous season is the final team to make a pick.

To read the full transcript of our live blog, click here.

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