Water Polo Drills Are Vital

Water Polo players spend hours practicing drills like the one in this video. That way, in the chaos of the game (like the one at the end of the video) they know what to do without thinking about it.

Drill practice includes:

  • Pump-Fake Drills – this improves ball handling and control as well as providing practice in faking a pass.
  • Passing – passing drills allow players to practice properly throwing the ball, catching the ball and combining different skills like passing and pump-faking.
  • T-Shots – when making a t-shot, the player tips the ball up and back toward the face. The timing of tipping the ball backward and then pushing it forward must be just right so that both hands are never on the ball at the same time.
  • Timing Shots – these shots are very similar to t-shots, but the ball is tipped up higher and is thrown forward harder. This shot is a good choice because the timing allows for good aim, and it often throws off the goalie so that he or she cannot react in time.
  • Screw Shots – when making this shot, a player picks up the ball underneath and turns it over. Then he or she pops it forward. The ball should always stay within the sight of the player so he or she can maintain control while preparing to make the shot. In this particular shot, the finger tips guide the ball, so follow-through is key.

Practicing these drills also provides the players with a chance to practice communication.   During a game, effective communication between teammates is absolutely vital. No team can win without the players communicating with each other. During the drills, each of the players will get a chance to play center. The center is the person who often leads the communication and tells players where to move. Thus, practicing as center during drills helps to develop this necessary skill.

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