There Will Be a Duke City Aquatics Tournament!

Recently there have been some questions about whether or not Duke City Aquatics will be hosting its annual tournament this year. To find out the truth, I spoke with Duke City Aquatics coach Janet Lyon-Huffman this afternoon. She informed me that Duke City Aquatics will indeed be hosting their annual water polo tournament later this month.

This year’s tournament will take place over the weekend of April 22nd and 23rd. The tournament will be smaller than it has been in previous years. The only out-of-state team signed up to participate is Colorado Water Polo. Since Duke City Aquatics is the lone club water polo team in the area, the tournament will only be attended by these two teams.

Because of the decrease in numbers, the tournament will be significantly shorter than in the past. Rather than spending three-and-a-half days at West Mesa Aquatics Center, the tournament will only be Friday evening and Saturday morning.  

Friday, April 22, games will be played from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. in the evening. Directly following the games, Duke City Aquatics will be hosting a potluck spaghetti dinner for the athletes, coaches and any parents or siblings who also wish to eat spaghetti.

Saturday, April 23, the Duke City Aquatics and Colorado Water Polo teams will start playing games at 8 a.m. This will continue until around 12-noon. This will conclude Duke City Aquatic’s annual tournament.

The games at the tournament will include co-ed youth games and 15-and-over games.

Though the tournament will be smaller than in the past, it will still be worth participating or attending. Duke City Aquatics and Colorado Water Polo have a long history of playing games together, attending the same tournaments and holding combined practices and scrimmages. This should make for a friendly and fun atmosphere during the tournament.

For any questions about how to play in the tournament or any other information concerning the event, contact coach Janet Lyon-Huffman at

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