Check Out Results from the First High School Water Polo Matches

Goalie Ryan Grady explains a play to the currently undefeated Volcano Vista Boys


A total of eight games were played over the weekend of March 26-27. Five were played on Saturday and three were played on Sunday. I was unable to be present at the games, but I have reports from those who were, as well as official score cards from each game.

Saturday morning started out bright and early as the first game began at 7:30 a.m. The Volcano Vista boys played against the La Cueva B Boys team. The Volcano Vista boys beat La Cueva 13-8 in the game, which was over in less than one hour.

At 8:20, Sandarado B faced off against the St. Pius boys. However, Sandarado forfeited to St. Pius, resulting in a “win” for St. Pius. St. Pius did not have a full squad on their own, and so combined with Cibola High School. And it looks as though they will continue to combine with Cibola throughout the season.

The girls began playing at 9:10, starting with Sandarado verses the combined La Cueva/Highland High School team. This game resulted in a 7-7 tie.

La Cueva A played the Volcano Vista boys around 10 a.m. This game was also a win for the Volcano Vista boys, who remain undefeated so far this season. The final score was 14-10.

The Albuquerque High School boys played Sandarado at 10:50. This game ended 9-6, Sandarado.

Sunday morning at 8:20, the La Cueva A boys played the Albuquerque High School boys. Albuquerque High School beat their opponents 8-3 at the final.

Beginning at 9:10, the West Side girls played the St. Pius girls. The West Side girls smashed their competition, winning by nine points. The final score was 10-1, West Side girls.

The Volcano Vista boys played the final game of the weekend. They matched up against Sandarado B, and won 3-0.

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One Response to Check Out Results from the First High School Water Polo Matches

  1. A parent says:

    wow, we have never seen this website before!!!! all this stuff on waterpolo… We never knew this was around. Thank you so much for writing this!!! We wanna know if there will be a weekend of scrimmage games over the weekend of 4/23 and 4/24 for high schoolers if there isn’t a Duke tournament. We know its a long of extra work on Janet’s part, but these kids seem to love every minute of water polo…. Heck, she could even charge a small entry fee for a weekend high school tourney and players i think would pay… Anyhow, keep up the good news of sharing water polo information in NM. We hope Bryce goes to Utah!

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