Northern Swim Teams Sprint to Win at Waukesha Sectionals Swim Meet

Waukesha High School, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, hosted a sectionals swim meet March 10-13, 2011.

While New Mexico’s teams did not place as well as they might have hoped, the home team did well. Teams from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan also placed in the top at this sectionals meet.

Two teams from New Mexico swam in Waukesha. Duke City Aquatics was represented by Bryce Lockett and the Vipers of Albuquerque Swim Team (also known as “VAST”) also participated. A couple of VAST’s swimmers qualified for the finals of their events at the meet. Few of the New Mexico swimmers were satisfied with the results from this meet. Unfortunately, the combination of cold weather (compared to Albuquerque weather) and lack of sufficient rest, probably contributed to the less-than-best times.

Sectional meets are held throughout the country, and qualifying for the swim meet is based on time. If you make the time cut in a given event, you can swim it in the meet. Sectionals organization is confusing, though, because there is no single time standard for all sectional meets. Different sectional meets have different time standards for qualifying. For example, on the same weekend as the Waukesha meet, another sectionals meet was taking place in Washington state. This meet’s qualifying times were faster than Waukesha’s.

The photo above was taken on Sunday, March 13th. The photo shows the three extra lanes which were available for warm-up and warm-down during the meet. Because of the number of meet entrants, those three lanes were barely enough. Many swimmers stood on the deck for nearly 20 minutes, waiting for a large enough space between swimmers to jump in.

Swimming and water polo are cross-over sports. If you compete in one, you probably participate in the other as well. Like many of the swimmers at this meet, and others across the country, Bryce Lockett has taken about a week-and-a-half off from being at the pool. Starting Thursday, he will be jumping back in to play water polo with both his high school and his club teams. This pattern is typical for many swimmers and water polo players. They swim from September or October through February or March. Water polo season begins in early-March and continues through early-May. At that time, another swim season begins, and carries on through late-July or mid-August, depending on the level of swimming (the more elite, the longer the season).

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