Cibola Struggles to Fill Its Roster

So far, Cibola and Valley high schools have had little response for their boy’s water polo team. Only two players are on the roster. Janet Lyon-Huffman, head of New Mexico High School Water Polo is looking for more players. This weekend she asked Bryce Lockett, a swimmer and water polo player with both Cibola and Duke City Aquatics, to try and recruit any Cibola boys he could find.

Lockett, who is a team captain for Cibola’s swim team, has not gotten much response so far. He’s only received one “yes” to his recruitment attempts.

In the past, Cibola and Valley have always managed to bring together enough players to have a full squad. Over the past two or three years, however, many of the returning players have graduated from high school. There has been a less-than-ideal amount of new interest in Cibola/Valley water polo during the past few seasons.

Unfortunately, if Cibola and Valley cannot get enough players to fill their roster, they may be unable to play this season. 

Anyone interested in playing “Vibola” water polo for the Spring 2011 season should contact Janet Lyon-Huffman at

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