Coach Profile: Robbie Bova Returns to St. Pius Water Polo

“Robbie Jean Bova (formerly Robbie Jean Larson) was a three-time All-America (1995-97) and the 1995 Player of the Year while at Slippery Rock University. A team captain in both 1996 and 1997, she helped lead the Rock to a record 100 wins and only eight losses during her collegiate career.” This description opens Robbie Bova’s profile on the Collegiate Water Polo Association’s Hall of Fame website. The rest of the profile can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

Today Bova is head coach for both the swimming and water polo teams at St. Pius X High School. Bova’s success as a swim coach is also impressive. This year her boys relay team smashed their competitors to take state in the 400 free relay. Several of her swimmers won their individual events as well.

Water polo season has just begun, but the St. Pius team is the defending state tournament champion.  There are high expectations for the boy’s team this season. Because of some controversial coaching decisions she made prior to the New Mexico High School State Swim Meet, Bova considered resigning from her coaching position at St. Pius. However, in the past few weeks, she has changed her mind, and is this season’s head coach for St. Pius Water Polo.

Bova also offers her knowledge to club water polo on occasion. Since Albuquerque Water Polo no longer exists, Bova has coached numerous teams for Duke City Aquatics. She is not currently on staff at DCA, but when asked, she still offers advice and tips for interested players.

Despite her unpopular decisions, Bova has been a true driving force behind the growth of water polo as a competitive sport in the state of New Mexico. She has provided opportunities for children and adults to play and learn water polo skills in New Mexico for over ten years.

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